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Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software
Software increasingly drives the efficiency and productivity found in today's most successful organizations. With the right software, an enterprise can quickly solve its most perplexing challenges and nimbly serve its most demanding customers.

NEC offers software solutions that help enterprises continuously perform to their highest capabilities.


Enterprise Software

Solution Function

ExpressCluster® Software

NEC’s ExpressCluster is a family of award-winning software solutions that help enterprises superbly fulfill their high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity needs. These integrated software solutions help organizations to recover quickly when disaster strikes and to continuously protect their business-critical applications and data.


InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store

IERS’s unique multi-level architecture combines the best of relational database functionality with elastic scalability and high performance at a fractional of relational database management system cost.


MasterScope® Invariant Analyzer: A Technology Showcase

With NEC’s Invariant Analyzer software, identify and troubleshoot system performance issues long before they affect users and the level of service provided. With Invariant Analyzer, an organization can reduce how complex and costly it can be to ensure the performance of the systems that support the most vital operations and processes.


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