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NEC Servers

NEC Servers
The NEC Express5800 family of enterprise-class and fault tolerant servers offer the advanced reliability, availability and serviceability features demanded for mission critical applications.

Designed to be as fault resilient as possible, NEC servers help to reduce planned and unplanned downtime.


NEW HIGH-DENSITY RACK SERVERS:  NEC Express5800/R120f-1M  &  NEC Express5800/R120f-2M
These high-density mounting dual-socket rack servers with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors provide outstanding performance with limited space, reliability, and simplified management.



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Large-Scale Server Virtualization

NEC Next-Generation Family of Servers

Solution Function

Fault Tolerant Servers Express5800/ 300 Series Servers

Fault tolerance you can afford
Up to 99.999% uptime, which provides high availability for critical applications
Technology from the industry leader in Intel-based, fault tolerant servers


High Performance Express5800 Enterprise Servers

Enterprise-class servers with high performance and availability required to support large-scale virtualization, transaction-intensive workloads, and in-memory databases


Rack Servers Express5800/100 Series Rack Servers

Computing platform that is highly reliable, scalable, manageable and serviceable
Efficient use of server resources through server consolidation
High quality and affordable technology that provides value.


Express5800/100 Series Tower Servers

Ultra Compact, reliable server Very high quality, affordable value Ideal for small office, retail stores and factory automation


Server Management

EXPRESSSCOPE Engine baseboard management controller and ESMPRO server management software enables administrators to monitor, control and troubleshoot from a graphical remote console.


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