Border and Transportation

Secure ports of entry
Enable secure commerce
Validate passport credentials
Ensure safe freedom of movement

Border and Transportation Security

Protecting Borders; Ensuring Commerce

Enabling safe and secure flow of goods, people and information across the borders and through ports of entry is crucial to the continued success of the nation. This diverse mission set requires accurate, secure, fast and mobile identification solutions. NEC offers a suite of options that can be tailored to support even the most unique mission requirement. With a proven track record of support in the Department of Homeland Security, NEC is a trusted partner to the government.


Federal Government Solutions Federal Government Solutions

Identification as a Service

A hosted identification service model that enables public safety agencies to use cutting-edge technologies.

NIST Validated

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies to viewing low angles, low resolution images and poor image quality.
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