Visitor Management

Secure visa adjudication
Inform citizenship decisions
Validate passport credentials

Defense & Intelligence

Ensuring Secure Diplomacy

The safe and regulated movement of people allows a country’s culture and economy to thrive while protecting its interests and people.
NEC understands the importance of the movement of trusted people across borders and potential risks of admitting even a single non-trusted individual. With the most accurate facial recognition technology on the market, NEC can empower the government with quality information to adjudicate various types of applications for admittance to the country.

Products Highlights

Facial Recognition
Suite of the fastest, most accurate facial recognition solutions available.


NeoFace® Smart ID
A mobile application that enables the collection of fingerprint, face, voice, demographic and other data identification sources.

NeoFace® Watch
Identification matching software that integrates face matching technology with video surveillance.


NeoScan 45®
Ease of use, highly adaptive and mobile fingerprint acquisition capture device.

Enterprise Video Analytics
Delivers situational intelligence using behaviors captured in still images and video

Sleek, scalable, secure and easy to manage fingerprint, palm print, facial and iris livescan kiosk.

An integrated multimodal matching services for fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris.

An integrated multimodal matching solution for fingerprint and face recognition.

Combining the traditional paper passport with contactless smartcards fitted with biometric information.

Registered Travelers
Advance screening and registration of frequent travelers at transportation hub checkpoints.

Flexible Licensing Options

Not only do we understand the importance of each agency's mission, but we understand the challenges associated with budget cycles and the acquisition process. We strive to be an effective partner and provide a wide range of licensing options to ensure our customers receive a solution tailored to their unique mission requirements.


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