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The 33rd Annual International Biometrics
Association User Conference

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The 33rd Annual International Biometrics Association User Conference

Formerly known as the AFIS Internet User Conference

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch
Scottsdale, AZ
August 25-28, 2019

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    Keynote Speaker

    The International Biometrics Association (IBA) and NEC are pleased to announce that internationally known speaker, writer and law enforcement trainer Dave ("JD Buck Savage") Smith will be the featured keynote speaker on Monday, August 26.

    Dave will present key aspects of his signature course The Winning Mind™ which is considered one of the most remarkable training experiences for law enforcement personnel.

    Dave will examine the key components of an individual's peak performance, including who survives and why, and how optimism, risk and bureaucracy play different roles in our personal and professional lives. He will discuss how individuals and organizations can make themselves truly resilient to help everyone, regardless of their experience to optimize their odds of winning any confrontation.

    Some example discussion topics include:
    • What makes someone a "winner?"
    • Who survives and why?
    • What is true "optimism?"
    • The "Not Today" mindset, every day, on every shift
    • The role of "Warrior Ethos" in all aspects of law enforcement

    Please join us in welcoming Dave Smith as our keynote speaker on August 26.

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    Biometric Hit of the Year Award

    Nominations Wanted

    Have you experienced or do you know of an exceptional biometric hit where an NEC solution made the difference and helped in solving a crime?
    Nominate this hit for the 4th Annual Biometric "Hit of the Year" award.
    Winners will be chosen by the IBA Board and recognized at the 33rd IBA User Conference in Phoenix, AZ, August 25-28.

    Criteria to make a nomination includes:
    Positive identification and arrest based on the specific discipline found using NEC's wide casting net of public safety solutions.
    Note: A "closed case" and "conviction" are not necessary to be nominated but will be taken into consideration when voted on by the IBA Board.

    All submissions must be received no later than Friday, June 28.

    About The International Biometrics Association, Inc. (IBA)

    The International Biometrics Association (IBA) user's group is comprised of a diverse group of local, state, national and international identification management professionals engaged in applications of biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial recognition, iris matching and other modalities such as voice and DNA. Its membership includes acknowledged subject matter experts and experienced practitioners dedicated to the planning and effective management of biometrics-based identification solutions.

    The International Biometrics Association Inc., in partnership with the NEC Corporation of America, strives to provide its members with educational and networking opportunities while facilitating an information exchange forum that would lead to the development of new biometric investigation and identification technologies, helping create a safer environment for its members and the public.

    We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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