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From real-time mobile fingerprint scans to facial recognition-equipped video streams, NEC's intelligence predictive systems can transform the efficiency of enforcement agencies by helping them to stay ahead of criminals and new crime trends.

Our systems work to protect the public by:

Developing & Implementing Technology
We work to keep our
solutions at the forefront of industry advancements
through research and development.

Helping You Solve
Crimes Faster

Our solutions help you predict threats, quickly identify suspects, process crime scenes and more.

Facilitating A Smooth Exchange Of Information
Public safety agencies can communicate and share crucial case information to other departments and interagencies quickly and securely.

Providing An Experienced, Passionate Team
More than 45 years of dedication to our work ensures reliability and accuracy.

Our Award-Winning Advantages

Our identification matching technologies help to improve the safety of people, sites and infrastructure through:

Works to reveal the actual identity of individuals to detect potential and probable threats.

Delivers the most accurate information available for better decision making and resource allocation.

Enables timely responses though access to pertinent information for improved outcomes.

Real time and video surveillance to capture potential instances of malicious and criminal intent.

Real time, post event,
crowd size and demographics insight for in-depth

Gathering density and crowd movement for reactive planning and responses.

*The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a measurement standards laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce.


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