Enhanced video analytics for greater situational awareness


Fast & Reliable

Capable of simultaneously processing multiple live and prior video recordings, NEC's Enhanced Video Analytics (EVA) brings speed, accuracy and insight to identify, people, objects and events.

NEC EVA is proficient at automatically detecting and recognizing known individuals, alerting based on watchlist comparisons, recognizing objects, identifying personal characteristics and estimating crowd size and behavior patterns for better situational understanding.

NEC EVA offers

  • Service-oriented architecture with dedicated modules for robust processing of live and recorded videos.
  • NEC's award-winning NeoFace® facial recognition software for expansive analysis across a range of conditions.
  • An intuitive multi-tiered dashboard capable of creating layered floor plans or the mapping of sizable areas for maximum oversight.
  • Configuration wizards to simplify camera administration and assignments.
  • A watchlist management interface for rapid single and batch processing, the administration of multiple watchlists and cameras and the assignments of customized alerts.
  • Where applicable, integration with body-worn cameras and existing video management systems for optimal usability.

Possible Uses

NEC EVA is ideal for scenarios and environments where swift identification of individuals is vital or beneficial, such as:

Public Safety
Public Safety
Law Enforcement Agencies
Crime Laboratories
Fusion Center Agencies

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Retail Environments
Entertainment Venues
Cruise Lines

The NEC Difference

For more than 30 years, NEC has been a world leader in integrated, high availability biometric identification systems.

The unparalleled identification matching accuracy and speed of our facial recognition technologies have been independently verified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NEC Customer Service Centers are staffed by highly experienced engineers and developers and provide comprehensive 24/7 multi-tier customer support.


How can NEC EVA improve your situational awareness?

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