NeoFace® Smart ID

Multimodal biometric identification using smartphone and tablets


Mobile Identification

NeoFace Smart ID is a mobile application for commercial off-the-shelf smart phones and tablets that enables the collection of fingerprint, face, voice, demographic and other data identification sources.

Configurable to a database or with a local facial watch list for on-the-spot identification.

NeoFace Smart ID offers

  • Multimodal biometric capturing face, finger, and voice.
  • Supports accessibility of a local watch list on device.
  • Local and remote biometrics search capability.
  • Ability to device management from central site.
  • Available third-party biometric attachments for fingerprint, face, iris and voice capture.
  • Available credential reading, including driver license, barcode and magnetic stripe.
  • Operating system agnostic, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Flexible application software licensing.

Additional Advantages

Correction of difficult to match images, including:
  • Deployable in existing AFIS or MBIS solutions, or selectively in ANSI/NIST ITL or NIST WS-BD environments.
  • Ability to enroll faces to a local watch list.
  • Search a face against local watch list or against an MBIS.
  • Search face, finger and iris against an MBIS.
  • Store all biometrics images and voice as well as bio-demographics and particular descriptors on the MBIS.
  • View synchronized results when multimodal search is performed.

Unsurpassed Accuracy

NeoFace Smart ID solution is the most accurate mobile fingerprint and facial recognition application available today as independently tested by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Applicable Uses

NIST facial evaluation demonstrated that NEC’s NeoFace solution provides the fastest matching capability while remaining tolerant to variants in angle, age, gender, and race.

NIST Validated

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies to viewing low angles, low resolution images and poor image quality.
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