Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Optical fiber-sensing and machine learning based artificial intelligence border and facility protection

Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Preventive Safeguard

NEC's Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System works to detect physical border and facility breaches through the use of highly adaptive and responsive fiber optic sensing and self-modifying machine learning based artificial intelligence.

When the system's centrally located 'interrogator' which transmits light into and from optical fibers detects a disturbance, machine learning based artificial intelligence immediately identifies and pinpoints the intrusion so appropriate action can quickly be taken.

Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System offers

  • A system based on NEC's transoceanic optical fiber communication and machine learning AI expertise.
  • Best accuracy, highest probability of detection and lowest nuisance alarm rate over the longest distances and widest-range of field conditions.
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference.
  • Resiliency to seasonal changes.
  • No electrical power in the field required to operate.
  • Various mounting options, including buried, fence or wall.

Actionable Oversight

An intuitive graphical user interface provides straightforward monitoring of existing or previously non-securable borders and facility perimeters.

Real-time displays of perimeter maps also display locations of detected intrusions.
Data from such intrusions, including date, time, location and classification, can be integrated to immediately mobilize security resources or be stored for future use and analysis.

The NEC Difference

Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge AI solutions that deliver precise and trusted results and are built on:

For more than 30 years, NEC has been a world leader in integrated, high availability biometric identification systems.

Our technology, such as our facial recognition technologies, has repeatedly been verified and recognized for its outstanding reliability and performance.

NEC Customer Service Centers are staffed by highly experienced engineers and developers and provide comprehensive 24/7 multi-tier customer support.


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