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Livescan Made Smart!

NEC transforms livescan biometric technology with SmartScan a sleek, scalable, secure and easy to operate solution that manages forensic-grade fingerprint, palm print, facial and iris images. There is also a cabinet, called the UnCabinet, that provides a better alternative to capturing these multi-modal biometric images.

The FBI has certified that this product meets specifications listed in Appendix F of the FBI's Next Generation
Identification Systems Image Quality Specifications.


SmartScan offers

  • Sleek ruggedized ergonomic and adjustable cabinet called the UnCabinet with two foot pedals.
  • Large 22-inch touch-screen displays for cabinet and desktop configurations.
  • Intuitive user interface utilizing Microsoft® Windows® 10.
  • Touch, pinch-and-zoom and swipe features.
  • Rapid, suspend, skip and quick resume functions.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Prominent foot pedals.
  • Flexible configuration based on purpose, use and price point.
  • Intuitive data entry and biometric capture workflows for minimize operator training and errors.

Additional Advantages

  • Exclusive use of NEC biometrics image processing algorithms to check and ensure image quality.
  • Multiple ways to integrate with any standard AFIS, MBIS, CCH and RMS systems.
  • Use of top-tiered industry standard and commercial off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Available centrailzed management for local and remote command, control and monitoring for improved RMA.
  • Fully obtainable hard copy cards and reports printing.
  • Optional signature capture, barcode and magstripe reading of driver licenses, ID credentials and smartcard reading.

A Closer Look at NEC SmartScan

NEC Biometrics Senior Product Manager John Dowden provides a detail look at SmartScan and its many leading-edge features as presented at the 2016 AFIS Internet event in Atlanta.

Security Hardened

Enhanced security protection from intrusion and malware attacks that include simplified multifactor authentication (MFA) and virtualization-based security (VBS).

Safeguards protect user credentials, roles and privileges as well as information collected during data entry, capture and transmission.

NIST Validated

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies to viewing low angles, low resolution images and poor image quality.
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