High occupancy vehicle compliance


Passenger Verification

TruCount, NEC's automated occupancy detection system, works non-invasively to reduce the need for labor-intensive enforcement monitoring that depends on physical visual inspections of high occupancy vehicles (HOV) and high occupancy traffic (HOT) lanes.

Modifiable Configuration

TruCount is located roadside for superior results.
By capturing the side of a vehicle, TruCount is capable of gauging occupancy of a vehicle's front, 2nd and even the 3rd row accurately*.

One TruCount system detects a single lane of traffic.

For installations that involve two lanes of traffic, a secondary TruCount is installed roadside in addition to a front camera gantry-mounted TruCount system. In instances where the secondary roadside TruCount is blocked by a first lane vehicle, information gathered by the front camera system is alternatively used ensuring ongoing verification even when traffic conditions are heavy.

*Based on NEC field testing.

Fully Self Supported

TruCount is not reliant on any external interface to function making it capable of independent operation.

A maintenance online management system monitors for instances of equipment anomalies. Should an issue occur, an alert helps ensure fast remediation.

A command-line user interface permits TruCount to be easily configured through intuitive prompts. This enables the system to be tailored based on location, scope of use and preferred modes of functionality for a customized installation.

TruCount's control processor is fully contained consisting of microprocessors, memory, storage, peripheral controllers and system interfaces all within one single centralized unit for simplified operation.


What can TruCount bring to our major thoroughfares?

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