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Seamless Travel Experience
Using NEC I:Delight

NEC's identity management platform - NEC I:Delight - provides travelers seamless and personalized travel experiences, while offering airports and airlines the benefit of operational efficiencies to keep people moving.
NEC Celebrates The Grand Opening Of Customer Experience Center in Washington, D.C.
The D.C.-based Customer Experience Center showcases an array of NEC's award-winning biometrics technologies used to protect public and national security. Benji Hutchinson, Vice President of Federal Operations provides an overview of NEC’s award-winning biometric technologies that enable the safety, security and economic interests of our country for homeland security and national defense.
The Heat Is On In Biometrics At IBA 2019
The 33rd Annual International Biometrics Association (IBA) User Conference brought together U.S. and international law enforcement agencies and U.S. Federal government agencies to discuss their use of biometrics and AI technologies. Conference attendees heard inspirational keynotes, participated in educational tracks, informative breakout sessions, and hands-on workshops, to share best practices and insights on how biometrics technologies can help keep our communities safer while also respecting the privacy of citizens.
How Can You Unlock Secure, Frictionless & Personalized Experiences?
A simple scan of a face becomes a single, unified biometric key that unlocks an enjoyable experience that is secure, frictionless and personalized. NEC's facial recognition technology enhances safety in airports, stadiums and theme parks - just to name a few - while providing a superior customer experience.
How Are Facial Recognition Systems Critical To Aviation & Border Security?
Federal government is using biometrics technology to address today's national security challenges such as border security, homeland defense and transnational criminals. NEC has partnered with federal agencies to deploy our world-renowned advanced recognition systems solutions in a variety of ways, including improving border security and expediting entry and exit programs at some of the largest and busiest airports in the U.S.

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Case Studies/Use Cases

National Soccer Hall of Fame
The Best Seat In The House
LPGA Stays On Course With Technology Partnership with NEC
The Security Solution Staring Us In The Face
The New Face Of Airport Security

Media Coverage

Star Alliance Partners With Tech Giant NEC On Facial Recognition
Star Alliance, NEC Partner On Biometric Data Platform
How Can Government Build Public Trust Around Facial Recognition Technology
How Facial Recognition Is Changing CBP Operations
Law Enforcement & Advocates Of Facial Recognition Technology Battle Misconceptions
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Hawaii Department Of Transportation Selects NEC Thermal Solution For Screening Travelers
Livescan That's Truly More Efficient, Hygienic & Affordable
A Post-COVID Touchless World for Federal Agencies
Touchless Transformation - Creating a New, Safer and Seamless Customer Experience
A Solid Platform for a Touchless World
Facial Recognition: How Policy Can Catch Up to the Technology
Biometrics are Revolutionizing Airports and the Passenger Experience
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Aviation Infographic: The Fate of Airport Customer Service Isn't Terminal
Stadium Infographic: Enhance the Fan Experience

White Papers

Arizona Department Of Transportation
Biometrics & Government Transformation
Can We Personalize Our Everyday Experiences In Public Venues, Without Compromising Security?
7 Ways Facial Recognition Can Unlock A Secure, Frictionless And Personalized Travel Experience
The Frictionless Future Of Facial Recognition
The Three Pillars To Enhance The Guest Experience At Your Venue
How Digital Technology Can Be The Difference In Making Cities Safer
The Power Of Identity
Time To Take A New Look At Facial Recognition

Press Announcements

NEC Tops Competition In Identifying Subjects Wearing Face Masks At DHS 2020 Biometric Technology Rally
New Thermal Temperature Screening Equipment In Use At Hawaii's Airports
NEC & SITA Announce Global Aviation Partnership Agreement
NEC-led Team To Provide Hawaii's Airports With Passenger Screening Technology
Appointment Of Raffie Beroukhim To New Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Post
NEC Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification For Its Biometric Center Of Excellence
NEC Face Recognition Technology Ranks First In NIST Accuracy Testing
Star Alliance & NEC Corporation Sign Partnership Agreement to Enhance Passenger Experience Through Biometric Data Recognition Technology
NEC To Provide Customs Procedure System With Face Recognition For Six Major Airports In Japan
NEC To Provide Facial Recognition System For New "One ID" Check-In To Boarding Process At Narita Airport
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Product Sheets

IDCheck Plus™
IDCheck Plus™
Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
NeoFace® Express
NeoFace® eGate
NeoFace® Reveal
NeoFace® Smart ID
NeoFace® Thermal Express
NeoFace® Thermal Express (with face recognition)
NeoScan® 45
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