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How Can You Unlock Secure, Frictionless & Personalized Experiences?
A simple scan of a face becomes a single, unified biometric key that unlocks an enjoyable experience that is secure, frictionless and personalized. NEC's facial recognition technology enhances safety in airports, stadiums and theme parks - just to name a few - while providing a superior customer experience.
How Are Facial Recognition Systems Critical To Aviation & Border Security?
Federal government is using biometrics technology to address today's national security challenges such as border security, homeland defense and transnational criminals. NEC has partnered with federal agencies to deploy our world-renowned advanced recognition systems solutions in a variety of ways, including improving border security and expediting entry and exit programs at some of the largest and busiest airports in the U.S.
Enhanced Video Analytics: Identity People, Objects & Events
NEC EVA (Enhanced Video Analytics) represents a new class of video analytics allowing for instant detection, identification and tracking of suspicious individuals, objects and behavior in a crowd.
Are Long Airport Security Lines A Thing Of The Past?
Airports and airlines face the challenge of securely moving passengers while providing a pleasant experience. NEC's eGate can help make long security lines a thing of the past by providing airports the means to expedite passengers at gate boarding to reduce boarding time.
Exploring The Diverse World Of Biometrics At AFIS 2018
The 32nd AFIS Internet Conference, held in Reston, VA, brought together professionals from around the globe. During the conference, attendees heard from dynamic speakers from U.S. and international law enforcement agencies and U.S. Federal government agencies who discussed their use of biometrics and analytics technologies.
How Criminal Investigations Can Be Expedited Using Facial Recognition
Explore how NEC's NeoFace® WideNet is turning mugshot repositories interfaced with our NIST award winning Facial Recognition solution into Facial Recognition as a Service for Law Enforcement and allowing multiple agencies to share their mugshots.

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Case Studies/Use Cases

National Soccer Hall of Fame
The Best Seat In The House
LPGA Stays On Course With Technology Partnership with NEC
The Security Solution Staring Us In The Face
The New Face Of Airport Security
Facial Recognition Technology Offers Frictionless Speed, Safety & Security
Irving Police Department (IPD)

Media Coverage

At DFW Airport, Your Face Could Someday Replace Your Boarding Pass
2018 Women in Biometrics Award winner: Kelly Gallagher, NEC Corporation of America
Delta Launching First US Biometric Terminal in Atlanta: Curb to Gate Using Just Your Face
Delta Air Lines Launches First Biometric Terminal in the US
Delta To Use Facial Recognition In Atlanta's International Terminal
NEC VP Sees Critical Period Of Public Facial Recognition Deployments And Debate Over Next 24 Months
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Biometrics Breakthrough - How CBP Is Meeting Its Mandate And Keeping America Safe
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Changing The Face Of Airport Security
What's "More Personal" Than Your Face
Exploring The Diverse World Of Biometrics At AFIS 2018
With Stadium Facial Recognition, The Fan Experience is #1
Personalizing The Customer Experience At Sea With Advanced Recognition Systems
NEC Advanced Recognition Systems Showcased At Connect:ID 2018
How Criminal Investigations Can Be Expedited Using Facial Recognition
The Fate Of Airport Customer Service Isn't Terminal
Coming To A Terminal And Airport Near You
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Aviation Infographic: The Fate of Airport Customer Service Isn't Terminal
Stadium Infographic: Enhance the Fan Experience

White Papers

Can We Personalize Our Everyday Experiences In Public Venues, Without Compromising Security?
7 Ways Facial Recognition Can Unlock A Secure, Frictionless And Personalized Travel Experience
The Frictionless Future Of Facial Recognition
The Three Pillars To Enhance The Guest Experience At Your Venue
How Digital Technology Can Be The Difference In Making Cities Safer
The Power Of Identity
Time To Take A New Look At Facial Recognition

Press Announcements

Star Alliance & NEC Corporation Sign Partnership Agreement to Enhance Passenger Experience Through Biometric Data Recognition Technology
NEC To Provide Customs Procedure System With Face Recognition For Six Major Airports In Japan
NEC To Provide Facial Recognition System For New "One ID" Check-In To Boarding Process At Narita Airport
NEC To Provide Facial Recognition At Airport Customs
NEC to Provide Facial Recognition Technology for the National Soccer Hall of Fame
NEC Showcases New Enhanced Video Analytics Solution At connect:ID 2018
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's New Multimodal Identification Biometric Solution Goes Live
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Product Sheets

CheckID Plus™
Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
NEC EVA™ - Public Safety
NEC EVA™ - Customer Experience
NeoFace® Express
NeoFace® Reveal
NeoFace® Smart ID
NeoFace® Watch
NeoFace® WideNet
NeoScan® 45
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