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Why Facial Recognition For Convenience & Personalized Experience?
NEC's NeoFace® Express uses facial recognition to transform the travel experience, elevates VIP access, secure national borders, increase pedestrian flow and keep citizens safe.
An Inside Look
An overview of NEC's Integra-ID® iBW, NeoFace® EVA (Enterprise Video Analytics) and SmartScan.
Streamlining The Passenger Experience
NeoFace Express gives airports, ports of call, and public venues the means to verify passengers, customers and VIP guests.
Improving Aviation Security And Experience
Facial recognition delivers a seamless passenger experience while providing an additional layer of security and operational efficiency.
LPGA Facial Recognition Demo
NEC's NeoFace facial recognition demonstration at the LPGA ANA Inspiration event near Palm Springs, California.
Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Uses
City of Irving Texas police department enhances its identify of suspects and criminal offenders with NEC NeoFace Reveal facial recognition software
AFIS Internet Conference 2017
An overview of the 2017 NEC AFIS Internet User's Group conference.

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Case Studies

Irving Police Department (IPD)

Media Coverage

Biometrics Breakthrough - How CBP Is Meeting Its Mandate And Keeping America Safe
CBP Deploys Facial Recognition at 1 TSA Checkpoint at JFK
Nightly News with Lester Holt - Should U.S. Citizens Flying Abroad Be Required To Submit To Face Scans?
CBP & NEC Test Facial Recognition at Dulles Int'l Airport
Customs Officers at IAH Take a Closer Look at Faces
New Facial Recognition Technology Deployed at Bush International Airport
NEC Introduces NeoFace Express at Connect:ID
INTERVIEW: Raffie Beroukhim Advanced Recognition Systems
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NEC Advanced Recognition Systems Showcased At Connect:ID 2018
How Criminal Investigations Can Be Expedited Using Facial Recognition
The Fate Of Airport Customer Service Isn't Terminal
Coming To A Terminal And Airport Near You
People. Patterns. Predictions. Meet the New NEC Advanced Recognition Systems
NEC Advanced Recognition Systems Launches NeoFace® Express At Connect:ID
Fast, High-Accuracy Facial Recognition Will Be Best For Executive Ordered Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking
Eight Key Insights From AFIS 2017
Protecting Critical Infrastructure And The Fan Experience With Biometric Face Recognition
Six Huge Take-aways From The Federal Identity Forum In Washington, DC
Biometrics Enhances LPGA Fan Experience
As Seen On TV: NEC Provides Powerful Crime Solving Face Recognition Software To Law Enforcement

White Papers

How Digital Technology Can Be The Difference In Making Cities Safer
The Power Of Identity
Time To Take A New Look At Facial Recognition

Press Announcements

NEC Tests Facial Recognition With U.S. Customs & Border Protection On Select Dulles International Airport Flights
NEC Introduces NeoFace® Express Biometric Solution
NEC Advanced Recognition Systems: Addressing Emerging Market Dynamics
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Product Sheets

NeoFace® Express
NeoFace® Reveal
NeoFace® Smart ID
NeoFace® Watch
NeoFace® WideNet
NeoScan® 45
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