for the Federal Government
Federal Touchless Services

The COVID-19 pandemic

has fundamentally altered social paradigms prompting federal agencies to seek new ways of operating.

This new reality puts an increased emphasis on public health and safety
making technologies that support frictionless access and social distancing more important than ever.

NEC Digital Platform

combines computer vision, AI, enhanced analytics and digital identity and security
so federal agencies can digitally transform and accomplish more.

Our NEC Digital Platform effortlessly brings touchless experiences to countless situations through a variety of services.

Identity Management
Identity Management
An entire identity validation exchange through a single highly reliable provider.

Access Management
Access Management
Multi-factor identity authentication services that protect sensitive locations.

Site Analysis
Scene Processing
Social distancing, crowd analysis and bottleneck identification.

Immigration & Aviation Services
Immigration & Transportation

Assessing the flow of goods and people at checkpoints, across borders and at ports of entry.

Flexible Infrastructure Services
Flexible Infrastructure

Adaptive deployment options ranging from traditional on-premises solutions to cloud-based automated services.

Connecting In A Post COVID Touchless World

Benji Hutchinson, VP of Federal Operations, shares how NEC is helping government agencies adapt and return to public activity safely with touchless, hygienic user experiences.