ARS: Federal Touchless Services


for the Federal Government
Federal Touchless Services

The COVID-19 pandemic

has fundamentally altered social paradigms prompting federal agencies to seek new ways of operating.

This new reality puts an increased emphasis on public health and safety
making technologies that support frictionless access and social distancing more important than ever.

NEC Digital Platform

NEC's touchless solutions are highly secure, accurate and scalable in deterring constantly evolving threats across a wide range of situations.

Benefits include:
  • Proven Reliability
    Backed by field-tested expertise from nearly 50 years of successfully supporting a diverse range of U.S. federal missions.

  • Now & Tomorrow
    Available for immediate deployment in response to COVID-19 and sustainable for long-term use.

  • Optimizable
    Responds to specific needs and easily expand the scope of contactless applications with customizable offerings.

  • Improved Efficiencies
    Frictionless processes and safer interactions with real-time decision-making that saves lives.

  • Analytics-Rich
    Delivers transformational insight and responsive contactless services using predictive technology and reliable intelligence.

  • Seamlessly Deliverable
    Identifies, defines and responds to opportunities while delivering a strategic and prioritized roadmap for ongoing development and deployment.
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Connecting In A Post COVID Touchless World

Our Solutions Include

Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion
Perimeter Intrusion Detection
AI self-learning with fiber optic sensing to locate and classify activity over large areas and sites with challenging conditions.

NeoFace® Express
NeoFace® Express
Rapid-access facial recognition identity management and verification for demanding high density areas and situations.

NeoFace® eGate
NeoFace® Express Flow
Multi-camera on-the-move crowd capture identity vertification for individual authentification and enhanced opt-in services.
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NeoFace® eGate
NeoFace® eGate
CBP compatible intelligent passenger boarding that verifies traveler identities through presence and facial recognition.

NeoFace® Thermal Express
(with face recognition)

A cloud-based rapid touchless screening solution that simultaneously verifies identities and detects body temperature.

NeoFace® Thermal Express
A cloud-based rapid screening solution with trusted infrared thermal imaging sensors to detect body temperatures without contact.