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Moving Forward In A COVID-19 World

As the nation considers how best to reopen the economy state by state, organizations need to assess what their new reality will look like too.
Some business practices that proved so effective during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue even after employees return to the office.
Other routines will transform to effectively tackle lingering effects from the Coronavirus.

Flexibility Matters Even More

The Coronavirus demonstrated the importance of being operationally nimble. Simply put, with the potential to right size, upgrade and migrate rapidly, cloud computing with its ample delivery services can be a compelling alternative to traditional self-managed infrastructure. Agility proved important early in the pandemic for those organizations facing stay-at-home orders that found themselves having to quickly transition employees to telecommuting workers. NEC's UNIVERGE BLUE cloud services exemplifies such flexibility with its communications, collaboration and data management solutions. By offering scalable performance and functionality based on demand, cloud makes adapting quickly when absolutely necessary simpler.

A New Standard In Customer Service

While the hope is for things to return to normal quickly, certain functions won't immediately be the same way as before. Instead new ways of doing business will emerge, like replacing physical interactions with contactless ones. Such experiences - like those made possible with NEC's touchless solutions - directly address lingering health and safety concerns from the Coronavirus. From curbside delivery and drive-thru pickup to building access control, healthcare and even goverment services, touchless touchpoints open new ways of interacting across all facets of daily life in today's COVID-19 world.


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