Backup as a Service

Simplified and secure data management

Data Hardship

Data backup management can be daunting.
Besides being time consuming, coping with the complexity of large-scale storage facilities can tax in-house IT departments and deplete IT budgets. While protecting against potential data disruptions or data loss can be just as arduous and detrimental if an incident occurs.

Delivery Assurances

Whether backing up between datacenters on premise, straight to the cloud or in virtual or physical environments,
NEC's comprehensive backup strategies include:

Powerful, cost-effective and reliable managed backup and recovery delivered 7x24x365.

A fully staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) to manage and support the entire backup process.

Maximum operational transparency with daily or monthly status and performance reports.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption for virtual servers, physical file servers or database applications.

Tailored recovery points and recovery time objectives for personalized retention and archival periods.

Our Core Advantages

By depending on NEC for BaaS, data management becomes optimized and stabilized with:

Ongoing access to the latest hardware and software without having to maintain the infrastructure and datacenter, all with predictable monthly operational expenses.

Advanced infrastructure technology with state-of-the-art performance and functionality for total control, easy scalability, growth-on-demand and affirmation of where critical data resides.

Advanced datacenter and storage services for easy data retention and regulatory compliance, as well as business continuity and assurances through a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Cost Efficiency
A choice of financial service-based models with the option to add, remove or pay-as-yougo capabilities and technology upgrades.

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