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In the world of private cloud - specifically Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - as a core infrastructure technology provider, NEC's Smart Enterprise approach offers control, security and operational efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership.

Since NEC is the original equipment manufacture of award winning servers, storage, and software defined networking infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service without having to source from third parties. This approach ensures that our clients benefit from the latest state of the art technology from a technology and communications company.

What Makes NEC So Dependable

As a global technology leader for 120 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet market needs, to demonstrate technical excellence and to build a dependable and enduring business model based on NEC's primary mission, to help orchestrate a brighter world.

Our longevity reflects our ability to build and maintain long term relationships with our smart enterprise customers and partners by aligning our solutions with strategic business objectives and deliver results that make life simpler, safer and better.

Why NEC For Hosting Services

10 Reasons For NEC IaaS

Our customers consistently tell us they selected NEC's hosting offering built transparently with Iron Mountain and selected Eco-system for the following reasons:

Strong Service Level Agreements with Performance and Availability Call Outs
NEC's Managed Cloud Service Agreements consider transaction-intensive applications requiring high network throughput and low latency. Additionally, NEC's SLA's transparently call out Iron Mountain Data Center's strong Service levels, ensuring the optimum balance in cost and control.

Data Sensitivity & Security
NEC's Cloud Services are built transparently together with Iron Mountain Data Centers to provide FISMA high-compliance (Federal Information Security Management Act) to protect the most sensitive proprietary information and ensure data security at the highest Federal regulatory level. NEC's Managed Cloud Hosting Agreements call out the specific locations of clients data within Iron Mountain Data Centers as well as can call out the specific access and infrastructure identification. This ensures systems of record (which can include an organization's most sensitive information - including customer data and financial records) meet regulatory compliance and governance best practices.

Regulatory Compliance
We chose to partner with Iron Mountain and select industry partners to ensure the broadest coverage and highest levels of compliance are offered by leveraging Iron Mountain's National Data Center with Level 4 Security defined by the Department of Justice for our most highly regulated clients to ensure our ability to deliver hosting services in a highly secure, scalable, and energy efficient environment.

"Best-In-Breed" Security and Deployment Control
NEC's cloud environments offer a choice of high-performance NEC Nblock™ Industry Standard data center technology infrastructure to use in an isolated or shared rack, cage and potentially datacenter physically deployed in a choice of Iron Mountain's WPA1 or VA1 Data Centers.

Balanced Cost & Control
Provides a secure option in a financially manageable operational expense (OpEx) model that offers lower total cost of ownership and delivers flexibility that support physical Windows® and Red Hat Linux® servers and container technology, as well as VMware® Microsoft and Red Hat virtual platforms managed through a choice of industry standard options.

Reliability & Business Continuity
NEC's cloud portfolio delivers a broad set of service levels for off-premise and hybrid environments as well as value added services to deliver business continuity including advanced Escrow hosting agreements for SaaS providers and can serve as an advanced disaster recovery-as-a-service option.

SAP Certified HANA Infrastructure, Hosting, and HANA Services Built On NEC's Own Experience
Clients and Service Providers benefit from NEC's experience in deploying and maintaining our own SAP environment (one of the largest and first SAP HANA environments) in the world on NEC Designed and Manufactured Compute, Storage and Network Infrastructure. With SAP Hosting and HANA Outsourcing Partner Certifications combined with NEC Server and Storage Certifications and assembled as an appliance or advanced Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) models, clients are relieved of the challenges associated with assembling and managing multiple versions of infrastructure. Additionally with a strong Eco System of SAP Certified Partners, clients have a choice to ensure the smoothest and most cost effective SAP HANA or S/4 HANA migration possible.

Our Alliances Ecosystem

NEC has been part of some of the largest alliances in the world. This openness to collaboration has resulted in solutions and services that provide the best value and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Some of our strategic cloud alliances include:



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