Nblock™ Integrated IT Infrastructure

Delivering a virtual data center deployed on-premises via private clouds or ISP's


On-Premise Or Private Clouds

Delivered as a single unit and driven by the power and efficiency of NEC servers, storage, network and software, NEC's Nblock infrastructure architecture provides a virtual data center hosted in a service provider environment or on-premises.

What Nblock Delivers

Nblock infrastructures support physical Windows® and Linux® servers as well as VMware® and Windows Hyper-V virtual platforms.

The common NEC platform architecture of the stack delivers:

Maximized development efficiency

Improved time to market

Reduced both capital and operational costs.

Flexible Solutions Delivered Seamlessly

NEC Nblock infrastructures with consolidated, virtual resource pools can be built using many of NEC's award-winning IT solutions, including:

A wide range of Intel®-based NEC Express5800 servers, including enterprise, fault tolerant, blade, rack, and tower servers that can accommodate the need for modularity, scalability, fault tolerance and performance. explore

Primary Storage
NEC's M-Series SAN for virtualized storage balances performance, scalability, affordability, and functionality. explore

Grid Storage
NEC's HYDRAstor grid-based, high-capacity storage provides in-line deduplication in a scale-out design for massively scalable archiving and backup. explore

Software-Defined Networking
ProgrammableFlow controllers and switches are NEC's implementation of OpenFlow standards-based, software defined networking. By standardizing functions such as QoS, firewalls, and stream analysis, ProgrammableFlow reduces costs, simplifies and consolidates network management, reduces power and space requirements, and improves resiliency. explore

Enterprise Software
ExpressCluster for high availability and disaster recovery protects both physical and virtual servers. This fully automated redundancy and recovery software solution has minimized planned and unplanned system outages for more than a decade by helping organizations to recover quickly when disaster strikes. explore


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