Software as a Service

Software licensing as an operational expense

Stress-Free Growth

NEC and Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management have teamed together to deliver a ground breaking, innovate solution designed to address the risks and challenges associated with the adoption of SaaS in the enterprise markets.

NEC SaaS Makes A Smart Investment

NEC SaaS customers gain more than shifting software licensing to an operational expenses or the assurance that their software and hardware remains continuously compatible.

Other key advantages include:

Reliable cost efficient deliverables.

Run Book
Instructions in case
of an escrow event.

Code Transfer
Source code from development environment.

3 months production business continuity after an escrow event.

Software ownership transfer.

SaaS Protection

Hosted on NEC's Nblock Infrastructure-as-a-Service secured within Iron Mountain�s National Underground Data Center, Iron Mountain�s escrow services invokes and enables failover contingency plans that can be executed independently of the SaaS provider. This ensures that the data owner (the subscriber) can secure application continuity (RPO) and data recoverability (RTO) while executing their contingency plan.

With help from Iron Mountain and NEC, subscribers can now confidently trust in cloud services while SaaS providers needing to instill trust with their prospects by leveraging SASProtect an innovative solution that addresses the risks and challenges associated with SaaS adoption.

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