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Migration Solutions

Migration Solutions

Your investments in technology are important. They bring added value to your business and can often help increase your bottom line. NEC is committed to helping you protect your existing investments by providing clear migration paths that are both simple and cost-effective.

Because of our long-term commitment to our customers, we have developed migration paths to our UNIVERGE SV9000 series of communications platforms and other advanced productivity-enhancing applications.


Below, you will find information on how to migrate your existing communications infrastructure and applications to NEC’s most advanced technologies. A list of all the technologies that are migrating can be found on NEC’s website at Product Archive.


To help you migrate now to NEC’s latest technologies, we are offering incredible promotions including discounts on applications, trade-in offers, special financing and more. Please contact your NEC representative or NEC dealer for specific information.


At NEC, we are committed to being your trusted communications advisor and partner – today, tomorrow and for years to come. One that will help you sidestep uncertainty and risk, plus empower you with strategies that will help your business thrive.


Investment protection for NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 - Migrate to the UNIVERGE SV9100

Investment protection for UNIVERGE SV8300 and NEAX® 2000 system - Migrate to the UNIVERGE SV9300

Investment protection for NEC’s NEAX® 2400 and UNIVERGE SV8500 - Migrate to the UNIVERGE SV9500 or UNIVERGE 3C

Investment protection for NEAXMail® AD-40, NEAXMail AD-64, NEAXMail AD-120, and UNIVERGE UM8500 Unified Messaging platforms – Migrate to UNIVERGE UM8700


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