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Small Midsize Business
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Empowering smaller sized businesses with seamless communications

SMB Communication Systems

Leveling The Playing Field

With NEC's range of communications systems designed especially for small and midsize organizations, enterprises poised for growth can ensure that their employees have the tools and functionality to communicate where, when and how they need to.

With our SMB communications solutions businesses can decide on the most effective and cost-efficient way for employees to communicate.

Investment Protection

Investment Protection

At NEC we are committed to being your trusted communications advisor and partner � today, tomorrow and for years to come.
One that will help sidestep the uncertainty and risk plus empower with strategies that will help business thrive.

Due to our long-term commitment to our customers we have migration paths to our UNIVERGE SV9000 series of communications platforms and other advanced productivity-enhancing applications.

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Software Assurance

Software Assurance is NEC's software subscription and support program, specially designed to protect technology investments, ensure software is always current and provide software lifecycle management.

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