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Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite

Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite

A powerful, comprehensive suite of applications for recording, 360° quality management, workforce management and analytics that help you improve your overall customer service quality.

NEC’s Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite from dvsAnalytics® has been recognized as having the most compelling return on investment (ROI) in the market. dvsAnalytics Encore® suite includes many quality management applications with basic systems and provides unlimited access with secure login credentials.


With the addition of Encore’s innovative analytics features, intuitive recording libraries and customizable dynamic search playlists, their all-in-one call and screen recording, quality management and automated coaching solution empowers your contact center with actionable sales, marketing and operational intelligence that you can use to improve your business.


Encore can extract intelligence from the desktop applications your agents navigate through, enabling you to easily access all recordings, including those in which a new order was processed, subscriptions were cancelled or a certain promotional code was referenced. With the power to access business intelligence about your customers, your customer service operations and sales and marketing campaigns will drastically improve.


NEC’s Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite from dvsAnalytics includes:


  • Encore Community – a comprehensive enterprise workforce management solution that delivers everything you need to forecast, schedule and manage agent staffing. It accurately captures, predicts, optimizes, manages and communicates your dynamic workforce plan to your entire contact center team.
  • Encore VoIP Call Recording – a complete recording and quality management solution which records calls in all IP environments, making it both simple and cost effective. It provides a software-only, easy-to-use recording solution that ensures compliance, improves productivity and enhances the customer experience.
  • Encore Quality Management - delivers the tools to create and perform evaluations of recorded contacts, and view numerous agent and evaluator reports. Adding Encore’s unique eCoaching and Quizzes automates the coaching quality management (QM) process by immediately measuring agent performance with quizzes, and through QM reports, managers can view before and after performance improvement.
  • Encore Speech Analytics - both desktop analytics and speech analytics help managers and evaluators zero in on key recordings for review. It easily identifies key phrases, or lack thereof, captures critical customer data, protects sensitive information and optimizes QM processes and workflows.
  • Encore Live Monitor – delivers the ability to listen to calls in real-time from anywhere, discern who to monitor and attach verbal coaching to the conversations. Supervisors and managers can stay connected from any computer, tablet or smartphone and securely see and hear what is going on with their team and customers.
  • Encore Lite (SMB Call Recording for UNIVERGE SV9100)– a comprehensive, affordable recording and quality management solution designed specifically for small to medium size businesses utilizing the UNIVERGE SV9100 communications platform. It provides SMBs a software only easy-to-use recording solution that ensures compliance, improves productivity and enhances the customer experience.

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