Agent Anywhere®

A cost efficient networked contact center solution

Agent Anywhere

Manageability Plus Savings

Ideal for smaller groups of agents that are dispersed remotely or on-site,
NEC's Agent Anywhere provides the ability to connect contact center representatives as if in one physical location.

By using NEC's FUSION-call control signaling protocol, Agent Anywhere brings functionality and provides connectivity without the need to invest in location-based call distribution hardware and software.

Agent Anywhere offers

  • A flexible work environment that fosters agent responsiveness while making agent location irrelevant.
  • An alternative to costly and complex full-scale networking call distribution systems.
  • Lower maintenance cost as less to manage.
  • Eliminates the need and cost of redundant equipment.

Greater Functionality

When Agent Anywhere is used with NEC's UC Automatic Call Distribution, our UNIVERGE® SV9500 communications platform can provide centralized computer-telephony integration (CTI) and administration for a network of local and remote agents.
Agent Anywhere can also effectively integrate with NEC's Global Navigator to allow for a single view of caller activity of all networked agents regardless of location and provide such useful information as number of calls in queue, queue wait times, available agents and duration of calls.

Explore These Options Further

Global Navigator
Allows supervisors to track agent performance and review call activity across multiple touch points.

A feature-rich communications platform that integrates unified messaging, voicemail and mobility features for geographically distributed organizations.

UC Automatic Call Distribution
Ensures calls get handled effectively and in the shortest amount of time possible by directing them to the most appropriate resource available.


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