UNIVERGE® SV9300 Remote Link

UNIVERGE® SV9300 Remote Link

Bridging the gap for remote offices and mobile workers

UNIVERGE® SV9300 Remote Link

Customized Management

Our UNIVERGE SV9300 Series Remote Link extends an organization capabilities with comprehensive integrated communications that seamlessly encompass remote offices and mobile workers.

Compatible with standards-based IP routing and switching, Remote Link is easy to implement on existing networks.
It also offers feature transparency regardless of the primary unit�s physical location.

Organizational Deliverables

Eliminates duplication with a single centralized operator, voicemail system and database.

Provides survivability for an organization in case of network failure.

Improves efficiency with centralized programming and maintenance.

Utilizes transparent applications and features with time zone flexibility across the entire network.

Additional features:

  • Delivers standards-based IP routing and switching.
  • Compatible implementation on existing networks.
  • Connects up to 46 SV9300 communication servers.
  • Ensures survivability and feature transparency between primary and remote sites.


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