Disaster Preparedness

Minimizing the impact of unplanned and
malicious disruptions

Risk Protection

Contingency planning must include the ongoing operation of essential services if not at the onset of a disruption then shortly afterwards. While it is hard to always know the exact nature of a possible threat before it occurs, having the capability to respond to an assortment of potential risks is imperative.

Whether it is due to natural, premeditated or accidental causes, organizations must be committed to providing a safe environment for those that depend on them. The focus has to remain on keeping the end user experience accessible and secure.

Our Readiness Commitment

NEC is committed to delivering effective redundancy solutions to meet the needs of organizations seeking to protect their infrastructure, facilities, personnel, reputation and customers from outages due to natural disasters and by premeditated or accidental causes.

We have the solutions that can help keep the lines of communication open, the hardware able to recover quickly when disaster does strike and the software that can help maintain the continuity of critical applications. Our technology, expertise and support helps drive business continuity on a social, governmental, enterprise and personal level by improving the safety of people, venues and infrastructure.

To achieve comprehensive control 3 core competencies are essential.

Fully redundant architecture that supports and runs in lockstep with mission critical infrastructure needs.

Simplified environments based on stable, flexible foundations that elevate security and responsiveness.

Deliverables that best adapt to the needs of internal and external users through optimized experiences.


How threat ready is your organization?

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