K-12 Education

Cultivating classroom and pupil achievement

The Change Maker

For students to be productive in today's information-driven global society, technology needs to be a central component of a total school environment. This requires integration throughout the educational process so teachers and pupils can benefit from the smart and transformational possibilities that technology can bring to the classroom.

The Priorities We Deliver

Our extensive and multi-tiered solutions are tailorable to answer many of today's K-12 curriculum and infrastructure priorities.

Connected Learning
Personalized real-time access through voice, video, web and audio collaboration.

Heightened Security
Increased safety through greater insight and reliable monitoring of individuals for appropriate responses as needed.

Optimized Infrastructure
Scalable and flexible accessibility that facilitate improved schooling and teaching methods.

These initiatives are achievable with such NEC solutions as:

How Are We Changing K-12 Education?

From substantial cost reductions to increased system reliability and stability,
learn how NEC has helped Medicine Hat School District #76 to updated its infrastructure with our communications and collaboration solution, UNIVERGE 3C™.

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