Facial Authentication Access

Personnel verification for restricted locations

Facial Authentication Access

Vetted Accessibility

Easy to install and use, NEC's Facial Authentication Access solution – the FA100CS – is an Andriod™-based automated access application that integrates NEC's award-winning facial recognition software with proprietary management software to oversee access to controlled and restricted areas.

Access management is achieved by comparing a photograph of the individual requesting admission to images stored in a database of authorized personnel.

The FA100CS offers

  • Identity verification and authentication using NEC's highly accurate facial recognition technology.
  • Step-by-step management prompts that makes the application’s own facial authentication manager software intuitively easy to use.
  • An integrated tablet camera.
  • Requester and in-house administrator failure alerts.
  • Email notifications for tracking and history retention.
  • Compatible with most tablet mounting kits.
  • Augmentable with existing key card access systems.
  • Adaptive to most environments.

Enhanced Functionality

When combined with NEC's communications platform - the UNVERGE SV9100 - extra capabilities
become accessible, including:

Support for up to 9 tablets per platform.
Support of a 300 picture system-wide database.
Two-way communications for manual intervention and issue mediation.

Potential Uses

NEC's FA100CS is ideally suited to fortify security where safety and access management is paramount, such as:

Server Rooms

Assisted & Long-Term Facilities

Medical Facilities

Retail Back Offices

Membership & Fitness Centers

Teacher Lounges


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