Front Desk Assistant

An automated visitor management system

Front Desk Assistant

A Streamlined Process

With NEC's Front Desk Assistant, visitor check-ins become fully automated and totally transparent.

The Front Desk Assistant is an Android™-based tablet application which utilizes NEC's award-winning facial recognition software and provides receptionists with a powerful tool in visitor management. When bundled with NEC's Android-based desktop telephone and a badge printer, its easy-to-use interface guides visitors to self-register through step-by-step prompts. Profiles are captured and customized badges, complete with an individual's photograph, are created. An email automatically notifies the employee being called on that their guest has arrived. When the time comes to leave, visitors simply stop by the reception desk, pull up their profile and select the check-out button.

The information captured by Front Desk Assistant can be downloaded as comprehensive reports providing detailed information on visitor activity.

The Front Desk Assistant can include

  • The Front Desk Assistant application software.
  • A GT890 desktop phone.
  • Integrated facial recognition software.
  • A badge printer for customizable badges complete with company logo.
The Front Desk Assistant can also be run on just an Android-based tablet as well.

Take A Closer Look

Explore the impact that NEC's Front Desk Assistant can have on the visitor check-in and check-out process.

Repetitive Authentication

NEC's Front Desk Assistant also helps to streamline the management of repeat visitors.
With a person's consent, their biometric data can be stored. On return visits, the Front Desk Assistant can check against an existing facial recognition database. If a match is found, the saved information will be auto-populated to check the individual in and get them on their way quickly.

Proactive Paperwork

Should a visit require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the Front Desk Assistant can manage this automatically.
An optional customizable NDA screen can be made part of the check-in process, averting the chance of it being overlooked or taking up important meeting time.


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