Unified Threat Management

An added layer of protection

Unified Threat Management

Functionality & Performance

NEC's Unified Threat Management - SA3500G - (UTM) solution is a subscription-based service that works to help eliminate threats before they access the network and provides ongoing access to the latest antivirus software for optimal protection.

Easy to install and compatible with any network, the UTM security device resides between the router and an organization's network. It is as simple as connecting the WAN port to the router and the LAN portal to the network. With 700 Mbps high speed throughput, it functions without impeding the network’s transmission rate and can be customized based on need.

The UTM works to

  • Detect and rewrite downloadable files with viruses or dangerous code.
  • Uncover and stop abnormal protocol, traffic and port scans.
  • Intercept and deny access to dangerous websites.
  • Proactively block objectionable websites.
  • Prevent access based on specific keywords or character strings.
  • Target collaborative or sharing apps that pose a potential network threat.

Risk Reporting

Understanding active threats can become clearer with UTM.
Security logs that detail the date and types of hazards and associated IP addresses can be scheduled for distribution and saved for future reference. Email alerts can also be planned that inform administrators as an instance occurs.


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