NEC ExpressCluster® for Oracle® Database

ExpressCluster® for Oracle® Database

Flexible scalable enterprise database continuity

ExpressCluster® for Oracle® Database

Simplified Protection

NEC's ExpressCluster line of software comprises several comprehensive, high availability solutions for Oracle Database environments running on Windows or Linux platforms.

ExpressCluster is the ideal alternative for organizations looking for less complex system protection at an affordable point.

ExpressCluster for Oracle Database offers

  • Lower cost of ownership as compatible with both Standard and Enterprise editions of Oracle Database in the host environment without additional hardware or software.
  • Transparent failover/failback and disaster recovery with comprehensive functionality without the complexity or high cost.
  • Options for managing the movement of the active instance of data and applications connected to Oracle Database.
  • Integrated management and monitoring of Oracle services for simple management.
  • Automatic data protection with no database administrator or systems administrator action needed when a database and related applications move to a backup server to prevent data loss.

Additional Advantages Include

  • Simple and straightforward configuration of cluster.
  • Add databases and new Oracle instances easily to high availability cluster, and control any additional cluster groups as the business grows.
  • Data or user segmentation not required as only one instance running at one time for a service group.
  • Advanced features not available in comparable products.

Oracle Proficiencies

ExpressCluster software has the flexibility to be configured to move an Oracle instance up or down by simply starting or stopping the service in the cluster configuration. All Oracle data will then activate on the other node selected. In the event an Oracle software upgrade, ExpressCluster can be programmed to perform the failover through a simple “move“ operation. End users experience no downtime or interruption of service.

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