HYDRAstor HS3-510

HYDRAstor HS3-510

Inline deduplication storage for small or medium enterprises and remote locations

HYDRAstor HS3-510

Reliable Efficiency

The HYDRAstor HS3-510 delivers advanced enterprise-grade storage optimization for smaller-sized enterprises and branch offices by offering cost effective and reliable backup and replication as well as reducing storage capacity consumption by 95% or more.

The HYDRAstor HS3-510 offers

  • HYDRAstor DataRedux™ application-aware inline deduplication delivers a high data ingest rates of up to 32.4TB/hr.
  • Provides up to 150% greater data protection than traditional RAID-6 while delivering lower overhead and faster recovery.
  • Auto-provisioning technology virtualizes all available resources, dynamically allocating storage capacity as needed with HYDRAstor DynamicStor™.

Other Features Include

  • Can tolerate up to three concurrent disk drive failures while maintaining normal input and output computing.
  • A web-based graphic user administration console proactively monitors and integrates with weekly system reports, email alerts and notifications as well as with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Seamlessly integrates due to full compatibility with the entire HYDRAstor product portfolio.

DynamicStor™ Technology

Virtualizes all available storage resources into a common shared pool and dynamically allocates storage capacity as needed eliminating the onerous tasks of provisioning.

Automatically allocates storage capacity on-the-fly and balancing incoming data across storage resources spanning all nodes within the grid to ensure maximum and efficient capacity.

Optional Capabilities

Elective software for the HS8-5000 include:

RepliGrid - WAN-optimized replication
HYDRAstor Advanced Data Services - Advanced integration for backup and archive applications
HYDRAlock - Write-Once Ready-Many (WORM)
Encryption At Rest - AES 256-bit inline encryption


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