A highly integrated and intuitive unified communications application

Flexible Connectivity

With collaboration-rich capabilities - such as video conferencing, call control, document sharing, presence and instant messaging - NEC's InUC application makes connecting spontaneously on any device from virtually anywhere easy.

A highly adaptive and user-friendly interface also helps quicken adoption and with nominal training.

InUC Offers

  • Video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging as an integrated solution.
  • WebRTC technology for real-time, cross browser and cross device video and audio conferencing.
  • Windows and Android compatibility for optimal usability.
  • Speed dial list and multicast email distribution enables outreach efficiency.
  • Internet, VPN or LAN functionality for optimum accessibility.
  • A one-time purchase price.

A Prepacked Option

InUC is part of NEC’s application solutions and is a built-in/embedded app for use on either of NEC's highly reliable SV9100 communications platform or SL2100 communications system.

With the SV9100, up to 255 users can be supported while on the SL200 up to 128 users is doable.

Take A Closer Look

Discover the types of capabilities that SL2100's InUC Web Client provides for highly adaptive and cost-effective video and collaboration that improves user interaction and responsiveness.


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