Delivering Greater Profitability

Without adding to your data overload

NEC Agricultural Solutions: Agricultural Solutions

Painless Decision Making

You suspect that moisture sensors, drone imaging and real-time weather conditions can provide information that could help you farm better.
But you also know that making sense of that data takes a lot of effort. We turn a lot of data into actionable advice
and give you the facts behind the recommendations so you can act with confidence.

It's a service, so you don't need to buy any new equipment!

We work with growers to:

Collect Data

Collect Data
We gather data remotely using a range of advanced technologies and actuals in the field.


Our analysis process "grows" the crop in a computer simulation, continuously updating the model as the crop grows and we accumulate new data.


We then provide a very simple output: Recommendation on the optimal water and nitrogen application week by week.

What Our Services Are Based On

Complex sensor data is converted into easy-to-read dashboards for quick decisions.
The installation and maintenance of all sensors are handled by us in collaboration with our irrigation equipment suppliers.
This is part of our service so we handle the work.

Farm Planning & Advice

Farm Planning & Advice
Daily Irrigation & Fertilizer Advice
Provided and set to specific grower elected farming objectives. This is the main dashboard screen of our service, showing the recommended irrigation and fertilization for the coming week.

Field Analysis & Visualization

Farm Planning & Advice
Visualization Maps Of Water & Nitrogen Stress
Aids efficient product application and in monitoring problem areas. These advanced tools are provided on separate tabs for a closer and more in-depth analysis of your fields.
Yield Estimation Months Prior To Harvest Time
Allows logistics to be planned more effectively and efficiently. Our solutions provide this forecast as a supportive tool for decision making.