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ProgrammableFlow Networking

ProgrammableFlow Networking
NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking offers a simple solution for complex networks.

A next-generation solution, ProgrammableFlow uses NEC’s OpenFlow  technology to deliver a flattened, open networking topology that simplifies network management, proactively addresses performance and contributes to high availability of mission-critical business processes.


ProgrammableFlow is:


  • Simple - ProgrammableFlow centralizes control of the network, eliminates the need for distributed protocols such as Spanning Tree.
  • Fast - ProgrammableFlow automatically monitors network traffic and distributes it according
    to custom-defined policies and continuously updated network resources and traffic conditions.
  • Scalable - You can scale ProgrammableFlow from managing the traffic on a single rack that is integrated into an existing network to managing the traffic within an entire data center.
  • Open - ProgrammableFlow separates network control from switch hardware. As a result, organizations can make infrastructure investment decisions that are independent from the network features they want to support.


NEC ProgrammableFlow Family of Products

Solution Function

ProgrammableFlow PF5240 Switch Award-Winning High Performance – A powerful, hybrid, multi-layer switch. It can integrate into a legacy environment. Or it functions fully with OpenFlow-enabled benefits behind NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller. more

ProgrammableFlow PF5820 Switch

Deployed together with the NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller, the PF5820 delivers extensive network virtualization, multipath, security, and programmability capabilities.  The PF5820 provides 1.2 Terabits per Second (1280Gbps) non-blocking bidirectional throughput in a 1U form factor.


ProgrammableFlow Controller Unique, Network-Level Virtualization -- Data centers can now deploy, control, monitor, and manage multi-tenant network infrastructures from a central point. more

ProgrammableFlow Management Console Centralized Monitoring for Greater Control – A console that provides a centralized point of control from which to view every network flow from end to end. more

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