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Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics
Everyone makes smarter decisions when they have the right information.

As the pace of business continually accelerates, enterprises are finding it increasingly challenging to obtain quality business data in an environment where "ightning fast" is no longer fast enough.
NEC offers a full line of Performance Analytics Solutions to help the enterprise-and its employees-make smarter decisions, faster. Provided formerly by Niteo Partners, NEC Performance Analytics Solutions offer companies a reliable means of collecting and analyzing critical organizational information. The result? An "intelligent enterprise" that achieves competitive advantage by managing results, not numbers.


NEC's Performance Analytics Solutions offer the enterprise maximum ROI by helping to:


  • Standardize: Standards-based solutions allow the enterprise to integrate various data sources and critical business processes. The result is a single, integrated platform that delivers consistent, actionable information across the organization.
  • Optimize: Integrated planning & analytics services help the enterprise connect the right people to the right information at the right time. This improves the decision-making process and enables organizational agility.
  • Visualize: Customizable dashboard and scorecard solutions provide strategic and tactical performance metrics at a glance. From executive and line-of-business levels to operational and functional groups, the enterprise can see the performance potential of the entire organization. 

NEC's Performance Analytics Solutions

Solution Function

Reporting and Analytics

The enterprise collects volumes of data from a multitude of sources. Transform it all into meaningful information to help make far smarter decisions, far more quickly. 


Financial Performance Management

Streamline your consolidation, budgeting, planning and forecasting processes and put into place the models that will help you manage your organization's financial performance. 


Smart Predict Dashboards

Access reliable data and analyze predictive models to improve your performance all across the organization. 


Information Management

Improve business flexibility and agility by leveraging one of the organization's biggest assets-its information.


Value-Added Reseller

NEC's Performance Analytics Solutions (formerly provided by Niteo Partners) include IBM Business Analytics and Information Management brands including IBM Cognos, TM1, SPSS, Clarity and InfoSphere products. 


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