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WFA-Z Adapter

WFA-Z Adapter

NEC's WFA-Z Adapter converts your new or existing UNIVERGE DT750, DT730G and DT730 series wired desktop IP telephone into a wireless one.

This capability allows you to place telephones virtually anywhere within range of your wireless network. It enables you to add new extensions or move existing telephones easily and economically. By utilizing your existing wireless network, you can extend your NEC telephone system throughout your business while gaining added flexibility.


Other benefits and features of the WFA-Z Adapter:


  • Eliminates the need and cost of additional wiring and a dedicated wired Ethernet connection
  • Connects easily to the bottom of the telephone
  • Enables single and mass configuration setup through the built-in GUI or the optional configuration tool
  • Utilizes the international wireless CCA empty channel detection technology to alleviate channel interference and improve performance

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