Network Operation Engine

Secure, flexible, automated and virtualized network management

PF6800 ProgrammableFlow Controller

Network Simplified

The NEC Network Operation Engine (NOE) simplifies day-to-day automated and virtualized networking management by delivering a secure, flexible and centrally configurable network made possible through an easy-to-use management interface and drag-and-drop configuration.

The NOE offers

  • A browser-based management interface featuring full physical network topology and intuitive virtual network views.
  • Automated bulk configuration via GUI operation eliminates the potential of misconfigurations and inconsistencies.
  • Schedulable virtualized device and link-status health checks, and on-demand audits and bandwidth usage monitoring.

Virtualized Management

  • Conversion of multiple virtual networks to a single common physical network specific to category of devices.
  • Easy addition or migration of devices on the virtual network without requiring changes in the physical network.
  • Optimal configuration and isolation of each virtual network.
  • Virtualized L2 and L3 networks for automatic configuration and routing.


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