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ProgrammableFlow PF6800 Controller

ProgrammableFlow PF6800 Controller

Delivering the benefits of Network-wide Virtualization.

The ProgrammableFlow SDN Controller is at the heart of NEC’s ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow-based Network Fabric. It provides next generation technology that transforms the network of today, bringing the benefits of virtualization to high performance switching and enabling application-aware networks.   The PF6800 uses OpenFlow technology to separate the control plane from the network’s data plane, which allows for network-wide virtualization.  NEC’s unique Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) technology, integral to the PF6800, provides for isolated, secure, multi-tenant networks. 


Capable of monitoring and managing both virtual networks and the underlying physical network, the PF6800 is the winner of multiple industry awards, including the prestigious Grand Prize at Interop in 2012, and Tech Target’s 2012 Award for Innovation.   The ProgrammableFlow controller, now with Version 5 generally available, is installed and working in production data centers and enterprises around the world.


Network managers can deploy, control, monitor, and manage open, multi-tenant network infrastructure all from a single console.


With NEC's Software Defined Networking Virtual Tenant Network technology, administrators can build multi-tenant networks in which virtual machine migration is unfettered, enabling rapid scaleout of new applications, balanced workloads, and higher levels of availability. NEC’s ProgrammableFlow SDN enables centralized control of the network and eliminates the need for distributed protocols such as Spanning Tree, reducing network complexity and unlocking the network capacity often made unavailable in existing networks.

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