Advanced Failure Protection

Openness and affordability in
an Enterprise server

Capacity Driven Scalability

A testament to the reliability and computing power of NEC’s Enterprise-class server is best demonstrated in its consistent top ranking in the performance benchmarks conducted by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), a global consortium that establishes standards in e-commerce and database transactions.

Built specifically for heavy transactional workloads, virtualized environments and in-memory databases, the Express5800/A2000 for Windows® and Linux® operating systems works to minimize the risk of a single point of failure. It also delivers a smaller footprint to help reduce server sprawl without compromising performance.

Fundamental Deliverables

Exceptional failure analysis & uptime
Numerous sensors granularly monitor the key components of the server. If an anomaly is detected the component is isolated and if a failure occurs detached until the faulty component can be replaced. Spare service processor, spare clock and spare I/O controller hub deliver an even higher level of hardware redundancy.

Performance flexibility & scalability
Cores can be enabled or disabled for actual workloads and varying performance demands. Idle hardware can be eliminated to improve IT cost efficiency and performance by automatically offloading various workloads to secondary instances.

Cost savings through

A proven 9:1 server consolidation rate lowers software costs by up to 27% for large-scale workloads*. By consolidating several servers onto a single server the components are lighter in weight, draw less power and reduce server mass.

Advanced remote access services (RAS)
Provides tightly integrated interconnect between reliability, availability and serviceability. Hardware redundancy not found on other x86 servers minimizes the risk of a single point of failure. Memory and I/O cards can be added without stopping the system – the only server in the world with a memory hot-add feature.

*Results based on NEC testing.


Third-Party Endorsements

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