FT Virtualization with Hyper-V

Accelerating virtualization technology adoption

FT Virtualization with Hyper-V

Fast Track to Virtualization

As the first solution for Microsoft® Hyper-V Server 2012, NEC's FT Virtualization with Hyper-V combines deployment and infrastructure simplicity, capital and operational savings and unsurpassed Hyper-V availability to accelerate virtualization technology adoption in data centers, branch offices and for application service providers.

The FT Virtualization with Hyper-V offers

  • Found on a single logical server.
  • Does not require a data center or large IT staff to manage.
  • Processes Hyper-V virtualization layer and guest software concurrently.
  • Eliminates potential downtime when a hardware component fails.
  • Module removal without loss of Hyper-V state or loss of guest software.
  • Operational simplicity.
  • Unsurpassed availability, data integrity, operational simplicity and financial savings due to fault tolerance and virtualization union.
  • Delivers lower capital and operational expenses in terms of IT resources, maintenance, and power/cooling.
  • Significant license policy savings due to single logical server.

Virtualization Enabling

"With the full support of Windows Server Hyper-V on NEC's next generation FT Server Series, customers can now realize the highest level of virtualization availability for mission critical workloads on Hyper-V in their data centers."

Bill Laing
Corporate Vice President / Microsoft Windows Server


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