FT Virtualization with VMware

Bringing proven fault tolerant hardware to VMware solutions

FT Virtualization with VMware

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NEC's FT VMware solution is a reliable platform for virtualization support of VMware® vSphere 5.

Able to support up to 8 vCPU virtual machines, NEC delivers 99.999% availability on a hardware platform within any need for additional networking, licensing, servers or storage.

The FT Virtualization with VMware offers

  • Proven scalable virtual central processing unit performance.
  • Integrated high available storage for capital cost savings.
  • Simplified virtualization deployment for capital and operational cost efficiencies.
  • Dual modular redundant design and hot plug modules for redundancy and failover protection.
  • Simplified manageability.
  • Remote monitoring and administration.

Verified Reliability

NEC provided database performance in each VMware VM that scaled with increased numbers of virtual CPUs. NEC fault tolerant server continued to operate - without data loss and with nearly unchanged database performance - in the face of a potentially catastrophic event more extremely than is likely to ever occur in real system.

Based on testing conducted by Principled Technologies


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