NEC Express5800
Fault Tolerant Servers

Why our FT platform and why now?

Learn how our dependable Fault Tolerant platform is the right choice for protecting mission critical applications.

Introduction to NEC's Fault Tolerant Server

NEC's Express5800 Fault Tolerant server provides 99.999% availability for physical security, access control & video surveillance, which offers a fully redundant modular hardware design that translates into less than 5 minutes of downtime each year. Two duplicate server modules run in lockstep as one logical server to ensure zero transaction or data loss, and no loss of TCP connection.

Why NEC's Fault Tolerant Servers?

Explore how the simplicity, features and cost effectiveness of NEC's
'hyper converged' FT servers delivers 2 servers in 1 while requiring only a single license.

Simply Affordable 99.999% Availability

Take a closer look on how NEC Express 5800/R320 FT servers, with CPU lockstep technology for failover and server virtualization protection, can reduce downtime to less than 6 minutes a year with 50% lower TCO than a high availability cluster with VMware fault-tolerance software.

Keeping Cloud-based Services Up & Running

Examine the resilience of high availability with NEC's Express5800 Series Fault Tolerant Server.