Efficient Centralized Management

Server management software

NEC ESMPRO Management Software

Operational Reach

NEC ESMPRO works to centralize the management of NEC Express5800 servers.
This is achieved through two key components - NEC ESMPRO Manager and NEC ESMPRO Agent – which come standard on all NEC Express5800 servers.

NEC ESMPRO Agent works to collect hardware information from the server it resides on while NEC ESMPRO Manager provides administrators the collected information through a web-based graphic interface for consolidated centralized management.

Uninterrupted Performance

Even in systems without an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), NEC ESMPRO when paired with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine can perform scheduled task to shut down or restart a server.

Greater cost efficiencies can be achieved when used to automatically shut down servers during idle intervals. The ability to easily cancel or reset scheduled tasks also allows administrators to flexibly respond to changing requirements and conditions to maximize server performance.


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