Large Capacity Storage

High performance Storage-Rich servers

Capacity Driven Scalability

The Express5800 Storage-Rich server from NEC brings cost reduction and greater control to storage dense workloads.
By maximizing performance, expandability and reliability this computing platform optimizes data and storage management and is ideal suited for high performance environments or the most demanding of applications.

Performance Capabilities

The NEC Express5800 Storage-Rich server is designed for maximum cost benefits with a range of performance options, including:

Heat tolerance

Fan control technology allows operating temperatures up to 104℉ to help lower operating costs.

High performance

RAID controller supports a large cache memory and 12 Gpbs SAS interface for more efficient computing.


Remote management regardless of server power or operating status simplifies oversight.

Ease In Manageability

All servers are shipped with NEC EXPRESSBUILDER, our exclusive software that simplifies server installation and configuration. NEC Express5800 servers are also equipped with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine, a baseboard management controller chipset for extensive remote management capabilities, and NEC ESMPRO server management software for efficient centralized management that alleviates the burden of administrative tasks.

Take a closer look at the full capabilities of NEC EXPRESSBUILDER, EXPRESSSCOPE Engine and NEC ESMPRO.

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