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A Strategic Approach

As network architecture continues to evolve to facilitate changing delivery and content models, infrastructure ecosystems must be agile enough to adapt.

Being able to introduce and support innovative ways to increase network and service capacity isn't the only challenge.
Ensuring on-going cost efficiency is equally as important.

Scope of Our Deliverables

Our portfolio of offerings include such flexible capabilities as:

High Capacity
High-density trunk-route transmission with native TDM and/or native Ethernet traffic.

Ethernet or common public radio interface transport in highly reliable low latency small form factor all outdoor radio.

Configuration Flexibility
Varied configuration options, ranging from nodal, multi-link aggregation, cross-polarization interference cancellation, incremental automatic transmitter power control, enhanced quality of service, advanced encryption standard, advance planning and scheduling, with carrier-grade switching and ring protection.

Unlicensed Radio Transport
Sub-6GHz and 60GHz unlicensed radios as alternatives for network expansion and rapid deployment.

Unified Network Management
Simplified element management system/network management system across multiple platforms, with support for third-party systems.

Let us improve your network adaptability and cost efficiency.

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