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5000S/iPS Series SONET/SDH

The number of users with mobile internet access is growing due to interesting service applications such as multimedia contents downloading, mobile, TV broadcasting, on-line games, and ubiquitous computing, and it is also facilitated by the growth in internet-friendly devices (e.g. smart phones, tablet PCs).

Under these circumstances, network operators are planning for major changes in network technology as they move to HSxPA (3.5G), LTE (4G) and WiMAX.


Today, NEC, as an industry-leading microwave radio supplier, is newly introducing next-generation IP trunk radio called 5000iPS to meet the needs of the above technologies cost effectively and realize the use of Ethernet as the underlying transport network. NEC already introduced SDH microwave radio 5000S for long-haul transmission in 2007. The 5000S has been proven to be very stable and reliable around the world. 5000iPS inherits the 5000S's high system gain with rich packet switching function, and microwave/optical features. Also, this platform can handle not only the IP traffic but also legacy TDM traffic to support your challenge toward all-IP network solution for long-haul transmission.




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