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NEC 5000 Series

The NEC 5000 Series is the optimal solution for high capacity, multi-channel, Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), level 3 (OC-3) data transmission, as well as high capacity Ethernet transport with reliable, hitless adaptive modulation switching.

Operating in the licensed 6GHz and 11GHz frequency bands, these radios are a very cost effective alternative solution to long-haul fiber, especially in terrain challenging environments, where fiber is not readily available, or nearly impossible to deploy.


NEC's 5000 Series Microwave Radio is available in a wide range of configurations such as N+1 frequency diversity (FD), 1+1 Hot Standby, and N+0 non protected for rings with or without space diversity (SD). Increase the capacity or change an existing configuration simply by adding modules and/or sub-racks. The 5000 Series will accommodate up to 10 RF systems (10 channel terminal or a 5 channel East/West repeater) in a single cabinet.


Additionally, with the patented optional Cross Polarization Interference Canceller (XPIC), the 5000 Series can reliably transmit up to 16 channels in the 6GHz band.


Thanks to its modular design, the SDH-based 5000S can also easily be migrated to the 5000iPS, in preparation for an all-IP network.


  • Point-to-point, long-haul, high-capacity transmission
  • Reduced error rate with FEC
  • AMR for adaptability to weather conditions
  • Smooth and simple migration from SDH to an all-IP network
  • Flexible Radio Configurations

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