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Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services
  • One of the longest running suppliers of communications equipment without a change in ownership
  • 6 decades of research/development, manufacturing and deployment experience
  • A proven global provider of network solutions, directly and through a network of authorized integrators


Proven and trusted by carriers across all tiers around the globe, NEC supports the carrier market by providing solutions that possess the features and flexibility necessary to build and maintain high functioning, scalable networks. 

  • NEC iPASOLINK and 5000 Series products ensure quick turn-up when expanding or creating a new network
  • iPASOLINK, with its field-tested indoor and outdoor designs, has become the dependable carrier product of choice
  • Having the right solutions for the specific need has allowed NEC to flourish as a customer-focused provider



Educational institutions are selecting NEC to support their evolving traffic and connection needs.

  • NEC provides cost effective networks that keep faculty and students connected
  • Capacity and configuration flexibility connects campuses whether in one centralized or multiple branch locations



The energy and utility market can rely on NEC to help provide flexibility and capability that addresses the industry’s increasing data requirements.

  • NEC recognized and anticipated the need to handle both TDM and Ethernet in one convent network, both independently and simultaneously, and has met this challenge with its eminent iPASOLINK technology
  • The top choice in network design for IP deployment with existing TDM legacy infrastructure
  • NEC continues to support the Entelect and UTC organizations, leading the way in technology discussions



NEC has long been designing networks for the industry’s largest integrators, both as furnish only and full turnkey. 

  • Trusted for developing competitive designs and successful implementation against a tight schedule
  • Feature rich equipment known to beat the competition in functionality and price  
  • Our certification program enhances the NEC experience and assures ease of implementation


Public Safety (Govt./State & Local)

NEC is a trusted supplier in the public safety market of first responders at the state and local level.  

  • NEC’s public safety portfolio consists of not only networks of backhaul of TDM, Ethernet or a combination of both, but also an exceptional line of identity management systems to access control systems 
  • NEC has what is considered one of the most deployable full complement of public safety network portfolios



Transportation markets are turning to NEC to support upgrades and new system deployments.

  • NEC is in use in some of the largest transportation networks and control centers across the U.S.
  • NEC allows easy migration from legacy TDM to hybrid to all packet transmissions

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