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iPASOLINK 250/650

Backhaul Solutions
High capacity networks require responsive high speed backhaul transport.

iPASOLINK 250/650NEC’s iPASOLINK 250/650 is an intelligent, full-featured versatile backhaul transport platform for TDM and IP traffic. With throughput capacities of ~500 Mbps per channel, and 2 to 6-way nodal capabilities, the iPASOLINK 250/650 meets the demands of small to large backhaul links. The integrated advanced Layer 2 switching features, such as hitless AMR + QoS, End-to-end OAM, ERPS / MPLS, enable you to manage your network traffic with priority and precision, ensuring efficient bandwidth utilization, in all propagation conditions.


iPASOLINK 250/650 is a modular network element that integrates a comprehensive set of packet switching and microwave/optical features, resulting in reduced costs and a long investment lifetime.


iPASOLINK 250/650 covers mobile backhaul requirements all the way from the access tail links through the metro aggregation network:


NEC’s iPASOLINK 250/650 is supported by a strong suite of professional services and high-quality engineering. It is compatible with NEC’s market-leading NLite microwave product portfolios.



Optimized cost of ownership

  • Low CAPEX as technology convergence reduces the number of hardware units
  • Low OPEX with enhanced remote management and control
  • Low OPEX with reduced maintenance due to best-in-class engineering and manufacturing quality

Converged Packet Radio for LTE Backhaul

  • iPASOLINK 250/650 is LTE ready, and enables easy migration from legacy TDM to All-IP
  • Design Concept
  • Optimized, scalable and high capacity link throughput
  • High-level resiliency for carrier-grade services
  • Transmission over both microwave and optical
  • Carrier-grade migration from TDM to full IP backhaul
  • Application flexibility and software upgradability
  • Fully redundant configuration options
  • IDU stacking capability to increase nodal capacity
  • End to end point-and-click provisioning for both TDM and Ethernet through NMS/EMS
  • Reassurance for future changes in network capability
  • Application flexibility with modular chassis and a wide range of functional modules
  • Easy upgrades through software / firmware update
  • Reuse of existing NLite products with backward compatibility*


iPASOLINK 250/650


Advanced technology for carrier-grade services

  • High throughput with higher modulation, wide channels and cross-polarization in 1RU
  • Flexible and high resiliency radio configuration; N-way, 1+1, and N+0
  • High system gain with advanced error correction and new amplifier technology
  • High level of packet networking functionality
  • Advanced multi-service QoS support with microwave adaptive modulation and excellent header compression technology
  • Ethernet OAM for fault management and performance monitoring
  • Multiple Clock Sources: External, Synchronous Ethernet, and Legacy TDM Synchronization

The iPASOLINK 250/650 supports various protection mechanisms to enable carrier-grade service resiliency, and provide hitless protection for all traffic types.


Radio Link

  • N+0, 1+1 Hot Standby, Space Diversity, Frequency Diversity
  • Radio Traffic Aggregation

Ethernet Link

  • RSTP
  • ITU-T G.8032v2 Ring
  • ITU-T G.8031 Linear
  • Link Aggregation

TDM Link

  • DS1 Baseband Protection
  • SNCP Ring


*Some limitations apply


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