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The iPASOLINK EX (CPRI), 500MHz bandwidth point-to-point microwave relay system, operating in the lightly licensed 71-86 GHz Millimeter Wave E-band frequency spectrum, provides fronthaul serial transport between eNode-B and RRH, utilizing the Common Public Radio Interface.

iPASOLINK EX (CPRI)iPASOLINK EX (CPRI) radio serves a Layer 1 “media converter”, taking the serial data from BBU through the CPRI interface, up-converting the baseband data to mmWave signal across the link, and reversing the process at the RRH site. iPASOLINK EX (CPRI) offers very high performance with low latency and wide system flexibility. The unit is compact and lightweight, easy to install, with field proven reliability and cost effective total cost of ownership.


iPASOLINK EX (CPRI) has a fixed modulation rate of 32QAM, and operates in a 500MHz channel bandwidth, providing 2457.6 Mbps of throughput (CPRI line bit rate option 3), with OS.24 / OL.24 (SFP), connector type LC. The low power consumption of iPASOLINK EX (CPRI) of approximately 50W provides great benefit without overloading your site power budget. Extremely low latency values of <5ms meet the requirements of even the most sensitive RRH radios.




iPASOLINK EX (CPRI) provides a cost effective and time saving alternative to fiber optic cables, eliminating the need to wait through long-term permitting cycles, dark fiber access, right-of-way negotiations, or optical transport equipment procurement. FCC licensing is simple and quick, and is completed with a one-time registration for nationwide E-Band license, then one-day turn around on a per-path basis for license activation.


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