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Orchestrating a brighter world



The innovative iPASOLINK iX is comprised of an MDU and ODU, enabling deployment either as a one-box solution or as an all-outdoor split type solution for diverse installation scenarios.

iPASOLINK iXWith frequency support for 5.8GHz (unlicensed) and 6-23GHz (licensed), iPASOLINK iX provides up to 495Mbps of L2 throughput capacity per channel @ 60MHz/2048QAM. The dual MODEM configuration allows for maximum flexibility in 1+1, 2+0(XPIC), or back-to-back links requiring the same or different frequencies.


iPASOLINK iX is fully compatible with NEC’s IAP and IAG ODU’s, with high-power and sub-band free options available.


iPASOLINK iX meets the demands of high-capacity traffic, while doing so at an affordable cost. Conventional all outdoor radios are self-contained, with no field replaceable components. The unique construction of iPASOLINK iX provides the ability to change frequency and/or sub-band (RF component) without replacing the baseband (IF component) unit. This results in lower total cost of ownership costs for sparing, maintenance, and inventory.



At a Glance

Pure Packet, High-Capacity, Versatile Configuration

  • Ideal for LTE Small Cell Aggregation (Zero Footprint)
  • Hitless Adaptive Modulation (QPSK-2048QAM)
  • Intelligent Carrier Class L2 Packet Switch (8 Class QoS)
  • Versatile and Scalable Configurations with XPIC and L1 RTA
  • Ethernet OAM (IEEE802.1ag / IEEE802.3ah / ITU-T Y.1731)
  • Low Power Consumption (-48VDC input, LTPoE++ option)
  • Single or Dual built-in MODEM options

Exceptional Features in a Compact, Robust, All Outdoor Form Factor


Licensed, Unlicensed, or Both — The unique design of iPASOLINK iX includes single or dual built-in MODEM’s, and full compatibility with NEC’s IAP or IAG ODU’s, spanning from 5.8GHz to 23GHz, in channel bandwidths from 10MHz to 60MHz. 


System Performance — High Transmit Power of +31dBm, coupled with High Receiver Threshold equals High System Gain, in the order of 103dB.


Hitless Adaptive Modulation — Industry leading digital modulation techniques encompass QPSK to 2048QAM, for maximum efficiency in bandwidth utilization.


High Capacity — Wide bandwidths coupled with high order modulation delivers up to 495Mbps at Layer 2. Use of dual polarity XPIC features available on iPASOLINK iX doubles that capacity to ~1Gbps of full-duplex data transmission.


High Quality — Unmatched MTBF figures and a standard three (3) year warranty make NEC’s iPASOLINK iX the obvious choice, whether expanding a current network or building an entirely new network. Long term commitment to quality is one of NEC’s top priority.


Support — NEC offers full turnkey EF&I services, with unrivaled U.S. based customer support, 24x7x365.  With over 2.6 million radios deployed worldwide, NEC is a strong global leader in productivity and reliability.


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